Thank you to everyone who took time to read the draft plan and give the Planning Team their honest feedback. We're currently going through all the comments we received and making necessary updates to the plan.
What's next?
How do comprehensive plans become adopted?
The Georgia Department of Community Affairs (DCA) outlines a specific process to adopting comprehensive plans.
  1. The Town sends the draft plan to the Northeast Georgia Regional Commission (NEGRC) and the DCA for review to make sure the plan meets their requirements.

  2. The Town facilitates a 30-day public review and comment period for the draft plan. (The comment period closed on June 17th.)

  3. Once the Town gets feedback back from the NEGRC, DCA, and community, the plan is finalized for adoption. (That's what were doing right now!)

  4. The plan is presented to Town Council, and they vote to adopt the plan. (This is scheduled for July 13th.)



The Town of Braselton, Georgia has hired a consultant team to develop the Town's 20-year Comprehensive Plan Update. The goals is to update the existing 2030 Comprehensive Plan to create a 20-year policy document that guides the future growth of the Town and promotes the needs, goals, and objectives of the community. 



To learn the results of our analyses and public input, read the chapters below:

Chapter 1 - Existing Conditions

Chapter 2 - Public Engagement

To read up on the plan itself and how it will be implemented, read the chapters below:

Chapter 3 - Community Vision

Chapter 4 - Implementation




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